Welcome to mobees Swift Solutions For Mobile Operators

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What We Do

In Mobees, we believe that the greatest success is customer satisfaction. Our mission is to build products and provide services that make our customers happy and make us proud. We are concentrated on bringing highest value and best quality. Like bees, we are not afraid of hard work, since we know that it is always rewarding once the job is done.


Telco-grade solutions

We live and breathe telco-grade platforms. We always fulfill specific requirements and needs of such class of solutions.


Agility in the DNA

Being fast and adaptive is in Mobees' DNA


Highest Quality

Working our arses off to provide best quality of our products


Trends Utilisation

We keep up to date with the latest telecommunication trends and are happy to use new tools and standards in our work.


Customer Satisfaction Oriented

We relentlessly work towards customer absolute satisfaction in every project. No matter large od small.


Technological Excellence

We happily share our experience and expertise gained through many years of working on European telco market.


About Mobees

Who are we?
We are a small, agile company that supports mobile operators in their difficult and ambitious initiatives.
We’re a group of people who like their work, who are motivated by challenges. With these values we form a Mobees-way of working.

What should you know about us?
We have been building our experience cooperating with operators in Europe, Middle East and Asia.
Many times we have shown that a small but hard-working and motivated company can realize huge projects with better results than large organisations.
We get propelled when our customers present us with a problem and ask for a solution, but we keep good atmosphere and people-oriented approach.


Our Experience

Mobees team is an interdisciplinary compilation of talents concentrated around telecommunication and IT. We have gathered our experience in designing, delivering, supporting and monetizing numerous services for major brands among mobile and fixed network operators.

We feel especially fluent in protocols and technologies that include:

  • Messaging services

    Messaging services


  • Business Logic Implementation

    Business Logic Implementation

    VAS Services, Call Controll Services, Messaging Services, Custom Networking Solutions

  • Data-oriented analyses

    Data-oriented analyses

    FluentD, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Prometheus, Grafana

  • Protocol Integration

    Protocol Integration

    SS7/SIGTRAN, MAP, INAP, CAMEL, SIP, Diameter, SMPP, MM1-9 and many more

  • Telco-Cloud Solutions

    Telco-Cloud Solutions

    Kubernetes-orchestrated, contenerized real-time systems